The following policies apply only to Laura Valenti (Valenti Beauty Services, LLC), her services and retail sales. 


For corrections to color, cuts, or styles performed by Laura are free of charge. Client satisfaction is a priority, Laura performs a full consultation before each service explaining the method, products, expected time, and pricing for each step of the service. If expectation is not fulfilled, corrective actions are performed at no cost to the client. 

For corrections to services performed by stylists other than Laura Valenti please call for consultation and pricing.

Refunds for Services

Laura reserves the right to perform corrective actions on any service she performs that does not meet client approval before a full or partial refund will be granted. Client experience is extremely important to Laura Valenti, although refunds are not out of the question she does request the opportunity to regain the client's confidence.

Retail Returns

As a rule, all retail products will be refunded without question, regardless of remaining amounts. However, Laura Valenti retains the right to refuse returned retail products in situations where this policy is abused, e.g. a pattern emerges where a single client frequently returns retail items that have been exhausted beyond 70%.