Q: Can I go from a Dark Color, to an Allover Blonde Color?

A: YesHowever, I do not recommend just bleaching out the darker color and applying toner. To achieve lighter colors from darker tones in a natural, healthy way, the stylist should "level up" in stages. Leveling up takes longer but the outcome is a stronger, more vibrant, healthy result that will last longer and have healthier texture.

Going from a very dark brunette (a level 3 or 4) to a platinum blonde (level 10) will take several hours. The hours can be in a single day or over a period of a few weeks, as long as the hair has an opportunity to maintain its integrity and natural structure. A good example of this, is when actress Lindsay Lohan went from a dark brunette to a light, "summery" blonde, the stylist accomplished the process over a period of 8-9 hours to accommodate the reconstruction process. Going from a dark to light color requires several lightening processes,  several shampooings and conditionings throughout the process; in most cases a reconstructive product is also required. 

Q: Why do you have different pricing for women, men, and children?

A: The best answer to this is that the differences in pricing is a time consideration. Although men can be particular about their hair, they generally don't take as long to complete than women's hair, regardless of the length of the woman's hair, because they normally require less styling effort.

Children's haircuts are less expensive because in most situations they are related to an existing client. Since it is more of an extension of an existing relationship, children's haircuts are normally done as a discounted service. Additionally, children's attention spans are shorter and they're simply just not going to sit through a shampoo, style, or blowout so, like men's cuts, less overall time is required.